Genkai door loaded to force in the world 441st chapter shenbingtianjiang

At the same time, somewhere in the East China Sea.Here surging waves, water color darker, with the surrounding stark contrast.From afar, in the center of the patch of sea, faint stands with a huge blue eggshell.Near glance, it is actually a shell layer of translucent screens.The waters around, a Unit groaning ground black hurricane from the waves of monstrous waves constantly slap in the blue surface of the shell, but not inflicting the slightest impact.Through screens, you can see that there is a black misty island on which the blanket of darkness shrouded, occasional light colored lights, one after another.Tall island above sea level approximately twenty-three feet, but it is below sea level can continue to extend, through nearly Baizhang deep sea, dark whole body, from afar like a huge black basalt Koho.In this black Koho around, hundreds of long scaly body silhouette dispersing sitting on fluctuating sea, blue body release Huaguang, merged into a channel thickness of the blue light from behind the thumb, toward the distant tall black Jufeng.Jufeng released with a black circle blue curved lines, where several hundred Blu-ray support, give birth to a sparkling glow.In this figure over hundreds, float stood a delicate features of a beautiful girl, is waving the blue water sleeves, crystal blue bunches distributed out from him, and several hundred blue below echoes.If the stone animal husbandry in this, when one can recognize that this girl is the blue sea has a bond with their family saint Beads.With their lips flaring, a sentence obscure spell out clear.Its body light more and Sheng, through her palm a diamond crystal, scattering into a shining black Huaguang Kyoho mountain.Huaguang screens in that form, one quaint ancient seal small print gradually emerge, and in the small print before they have dense small print exists, add up impressively word has nearly as much as a grand classical picture.Head-end picture, looms the three ancient seal characters absolutely spiritual curse.At this time, wearing a blue Gongzhuang Mei Fu egg-shaped screens from outside, through the curtain and into Ta, went black Jufeng, quietly watching the sky that beautiful blue girl.Pearl, how about it? Gongzhuang Meifu looked for a moment, said.Beads in deep blue gradually away, slowly stop dancing hands, Angela Piaoshen down, falling Gongzhuang Meifu side, whispered:Intrinsic Master, has completed nearly eight percent.In recent years you really hard. Gongzhuang Meifu nodded and said.Master, do not have to keep in mind Pearl, rich world of Reiki here for my practice but also benefit. If things go on, a few months in 2035 before the project, this fetish can complete the work for us. Beads Shake He shook his head, laughing.Gongzhuang Meifu looked up at the black photograph on Jufeng picture screens, see section capuchin has little blank, and then turned around and nodded with appreciation of Beads.However, at this time, the mutation and the emergent!Deafening roar rang!The whole black Jufeng suddenly shaking up the communication on top of it the blue light beam followed violent shaking, engraved with the curse of the spirit must also become blurred up screens.This is how going on?Beads to see this scene, suddenly alarmed, rushed to the air flying, fast dancing sleeves, applied from the law formula, you want to hold a big fuss.With the sound of the mouth spell remembered his possession blue suddenly Sheng, through a piece of diamond crystal, all maps on the screens essay.Everyone listen up sea family, to magic, to help Virgen hand! Gongzhuang Meifu loudly ordered Road.Yes.Four weeks everyone in unison replied sea family, blue body suddenly surge, the original thickness of the thumb that Blu-ray has become like children arm thickness, all to the Kyoho remit.Surely blue light curtain is, seems to have stabilized above the ancient seal engraved small print also slow again.But just for a moment, then again on the black Kyoho it sounded dth sound, it actually appeared on pediatric arm thickness of the cracks.At first only one, gradually three, five ……All the web-like cracks as quickly spread out towards the surrounding!Many black boulders began to crumble, and even some of the far-off hit in the sea family clan congregation, they do not escape, except that their magical powers to ward off the rocks.Roar!At this point, the black Jufeng suddenly heard sound like anger, and like unwilling to roar so loudly that hundreds of ethnic Serbs sea burst eardrums ached.Beads distance Jufeng recently, the impact is also the strongest, the moment the body a soft, almost falling down from the sky.Gongzhuang seeing beautiful women, looking surprised, single hand of a Young, a blue silk fly from Xiupao, when Xiangzhu around a wound, suddenly put the number of blocks of black stone fly off the block.TV drama with the sound of roaring, black Jufeng, a Road King Mount projection out from the gap between Blackstone, shock ripples out, and soon destroyed the communication on Jufeng blue light beam, and even the photograph must Spirit mantra picture also impact was near collapse.Bang Baoxiang!The whole black gold Jufeng finally burst, countless black rock from the cliff on the mountain looked caving, revealing things, including the seal – a towering stand, Baizhang foot high giant golden stick, big half-depth deep sea .Sea Tribe people have been stoning was hit back, Joan Beads Body adder is also under the protection of inverted back.In all ethnic people stunned at sea, about Flanagan high Baizhang giant golden stick crashing rising, had not the part below the surface, getting out of the water, heard a loud roar!The waters around immediately set off bursts of monstrous waves, the sea was agitated crest stop, numerous road stout stick giant golden undercurrent as the center, forming a gigantic whirlpool!In the rising process, the golden giant stick to speed quickly visible smaller, just blink of an eye, it reduces the number of times, with only a thickness sized, about three Shiyu Zhang length, suspended in whole erected above the sea, emit bursts of brilliant golden light.This is …… Gongzhuang Meifu muttered aside Xiangzhu also face incredible colors.At this time, the golden giant stick surface suddenly emerge out of some secret runes, light comes on top of pure gold, the traction force general, suddenly rushed up from just being.Boom is heard!Blue egg-shaped screens directly poke a big hole, suddenly surrounded by isolated world of Reiki as Shan Hu tsunami-like fly and roll to form a gigantic aura whirlpool.Golden Giant stick Language Aura whirlpool, turned into a golden streamer, to put an escape away toward the southwest, flash a few flash, disappeared in the sky…….Near Dark Gate sect, countless heavens Jufeng into ruins, boulders lying, ruins.Air, white with gold giant apes Kau is still fierce fight.White ape body than initially dry lot, body white flame dim, and dodge most of the time in the defense, already completely fall under the wind.callGolden Giant is a record Jiao Jiao tail sweep, whistling wind coerced toward removing white apes.boomWhite ape inevitable, the block arms crossed in front, but still have to beat the strike inverted out hundreds of feet, Kankan stopped, big mouth breathing, grimace in pain.Great apes, animal husbandry on white stone body, can clearly feel the breath of the white ape is gradually becoming weaker, the body had not much fine blood has consumed 7788, mind could not help anxious.White apes yet breathed, golden giant flying again and to Kau, mouth a spit, a mass of pure gold flames spewing out of it, sweeping down toward the great apes.White apes less than many think, feet suddenly Yi Deng ground, toward the side to dodge.Laugh it soon!Pure gold flame almost wiped their shoulders flashed.Although the white ape escaped a hit, but the shoulder hair charred, if the reaction was slower half points, I am afraid that the spot was burned to ashes.You can take over the seat to see the recipe! Golden Giant Kau coiled into the sky in the air, eyes golden flow, people vomit channel, speech full of pride of color.Carter, the distant horizon clouds suddenly violent crest up, from which came a sharp piercing sound.Ruoyouruowu vaguely have a fine gold coming from a distance, their path, tumbling the day cloud suddenly spin up quickly, forming a connected end to end cloud vortex, the center seemed to have the sky suddenly revealed in general, from revealed a faint golden Huaguang.That gold fast amazing, almost twinkling Barry!Stone, animal husbandry, heart suddenly felt a throbbing, hard an implicit strong emotions swarmed the heart.White ape now like to perceive what that dark eyes light up.Golden Giant Jiao heard the piercing sound at the same time, the action of a lag, but also lifted the head, look to the flame that gold clouds.Just saw that golden light moment, the pupil suddenly shrunk, eyes immediately raised a trace of anger, and that anger, it seems that there are also mixed with fear.Golden Giant Jiao quickly turned to see the white ape, cover color eyes did not resentment, a giant mouth once again, is a mass of pure gold flame jetted toward the white ape head hit, it seems to give it a fatal hit.However, at this time, over the heads of stone, animal husbandry, suddenly heard shaking thunder!Dayton opened lofty altitude cloud cluster, transmission from the ten thousand Jinmang, a thickness sized, three feet length golden giant stick, whole body wrapped flames, like lightning sprang from a golden glow in the sky from Telok down.Jiao pure gold giant golden flame fast, the moment has come in front of a white ape, apes appeared to bang into a white head.Bang bang!But not pure gold flame bombers into the white ape head voice.I saw that gold stick crashing landing, as general rooting into the ground, standing straight in front of the stone, animal husbandry, sparking the blast radius of a few years after another Gang Feng swing range, rocks flying roll into the sky, the golden giant flame suddenly Kau pure gold shock is life and life spread out!Golden Giant Jiao whole body spangle, cemented layer of golden shields, although withstood Gang Feng swept, but a sudden, but can not move forward a half minutes! 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The door of the mysterious circles forced to force in the 440th chapter of the world is at stake

Suck Japanese …… then actually experience before this move, I do not know so many years, you may have to grow. Golden dragon in dozens Zhangwai wobble a bit bulky body, not even prevent white apes, people vomit Introduction Road.White did not smell like the great apes are like a pair of gold in the gold circulation pupil, as if the two groups are generally sun, golden light burst shot round after round, opening and closing of the lips, spoke some obscure name difficult to spell.Flapping in the wind!More than just an powerful magic fluctuations circulated out from white ape body, round after round of mid-air burning white drawn, condensed into a blossoming white flame spent his whole body burst open one after another, from which sprang a road white flame stream, like a fish in general, quickly integrated in its front, a fireball into the white house size.At this moment, the sun hanging high in the sky seems to be eclipsed, between heaven and earth, leaving only a white ape in front of this huge white fireball.An incredible terror to force the hot flame came from the fireball, so close to the air as melted in general, become blurred, close to the nearest few slices of forest, more directly crashing burn.White apes in vivo, animal husbandry, stone heart shocked.This force is a white fireball flame contains very scary, how much compared to the same day in Undead interface, the other end of days bit Bone Worm white flame even more severe blow I do not know.But his mind also that some emotions, but there are still absorbing this Japanese-style attacks such usage, but he had never thought of.In stone, animal husbandry uphold cranky, white apes have waved his hands, a white fireball suddenly out in vitro, in the air across a white blur toward the golden dragon flew past, the speed may slow real disease.This scene, like a sun is moving rapidly, their path, bursts of air thrown naked variable ripples on a nearby hill forest vegetation foes into focus sparkle.One mountain peak above the Dark Door, Dark Lord of the executives stunned to see the door, covered with sweat, who already soaked clothes.Faced with immense power of the grand white fireball attack, emerge golden dragon eyes trace of dignified color, but it still did not move, do not dodge, just quietly watched the lump of white, getting closer, more and more Big.Just white fireball to the occasion in front of it less Shiyu, golden dragons eyes suddenly flashed Conspiracy light, whole body emerges out of a layer of gold, suddenly a big mouth.But see its head and Double Vision golden horn while gold big place, the next moment, a large golden streamer flying from the mouth, and quickly rotated in a certain direction, instantly condensed into a gigantic golden huge whirlpool.Golden swirl just forming, white fireball crashing to it, hit the golden vortex at the center.Momentary contact, had not the slightest burst of sound, both silent actually fit together only at the edges, projection out of a road of gold and white Yanguang.Golden swirl fast rotation, the black point in the center of the whirlpool emerged, and quickly swollen, as if a big mouth black, exudes a terror invisible suction.White rolling fireball suddenly spin up, a road white flame was pulled out from the fireball, not into the big black mouth among.Every white flame is pulled, the fireball will dim narrow one point.But just a few breathing effort, a white fireball as Tengu swallow it like a day, was swallowed into the whole.The next moment, the black gold swirl quickly to eliminate the entire swirl into a mass rapid rotation of golden light, fleeting golden giant was swallowed Kau mouth.Golden dragon golden Dasheng body, charred on Alondra spangle, charred part Kau scales of dead skin peeling fast and quickly grow new scales Jiao, two of its breaking Alondra also grow out.Ha ha! You even dare to use the seat in front of such an attack, you forget the seat of supernatural powers natal swallowed it? Among golden dragon laughing, bright golden body shot burst, body pendulum, speed is improved by nearly half toward the white apes swoop over.White ape Seeing the situation, naturally furious roar, in the hands of white flame dancing with sticks as fast as a wheel, a stature channeling out, again and gold dragon in a tussle.Golden dragon swallowed the sun real fire, like eating a big tonic general, who had suffered injury not only to restore a lot of strength but also enhanced the faint layer of crystal clear on the pop Alondra Jinmang several feet long, not even force just as afraid of the white ape like a white flame again.Air, two giant figure, when closing hours, every collision, both broke out a circle of light earth-shattering, thunderous roar bursts spread.Both Battle for a moment, golden dragon impressively large upper hand, not a few white ape who will again add a few dark-bone visible scars.White ape was tightly wrapped, no time to think about the essence of the sun just as phagocytosis restore the injury, who distributed Yinmang gradually dim.Roar!White ape eyes flashed fierce carnage, the body and blood flow velocity suddenly accelerated tenfold.White ape body, stone, animal husbandry and feel this situation, are not surprised.At this point, the white ape who boom and look, the original Shining white flame burning added a bit of color, great body actually shrink quickly in the flame, the size did not make the short go, but the body becomes extremely lean together, those wounds are healing quickly Scarlet flame breath is steadily soaring up.Golden dragon one pair of gold pupil Jingmang flash, instantly taking advantage of the great apes white magic, a coiled body, wrapped in a white ape body, a huge Alondra a blur, the number of road into a golden claw Mans, severely plug to the white apes chest.Boom is heard muffled.Alondra as if stabbed in the side wall of iron, even white ape failed to scratch the skin, leaving only a few faint Honghen.Golden dragon was shocked, I do not know what to display their white apes occult, body strength actually increased almost doubled.Roar!White ape carnage eyes flashed, his fists, suddenly a blur.Suddenly, dense shadow boxing emerge out of thin air, like a rosy wave plate toward the golden dragon surface Kuangyong away.Jin Tiejiao hit like a series of huge bang!Golden dragon impressively soar into the sky, direct a few Baizhang stopped down, leaving the number of road punches printed on the lower abdomen, but a particularly pronounced, making the going down of the Jiao scale fragmentation, pale gold blood bubbling flow.White ape slowly recovered the charred left hand, just by virtue of this it is a shocking final blow to hit the golden dragon fly.Golden dragon mouth a faint outflow bloodshot eyes look to the white apes left, eyes flash of horror.The rest of those seemingly raging fist, fact, and it can not cause any harm, but mixed in just the last punch of that force, seems like an avalanche, golden dragon of defense is by no small injury.White ape body blood and white flame burning, I heard screaming in the sound, flash stature, again swoop past, even greatly increased speed, pull out round after round of blur.Before the arrival of stature, its left hand flying out of a huge white shadow boxing!Golden dragon eyes flash of fear of color, body golden flash, while Kaka sound, a large body also reduced somewhat, increase speed, dodge away toward the next, insurance, and to avoid the risk of The road white shadow boxing.RumbleMovies that road white fist landed on top of a two hundred feet high peaks, broke out in a white sun, the whole mountain came crashing chipping, flying rocks, the blink of an eye disappeared.At the same time, the golden dragon head suddenly a turn, put a large golden horn head, a harsh golden light emitted from a sharp angle, slanting stabbing white apes.Blood Mountain white ape eyes flash, flash left, impressively into a shadow, out toward the golden light bombardment.Bang!Golden light click sound, a few paragraphs become broken, even the white apes left charred skin failed to pierce nothing.White ape Liezui grim smile, into a blur again, sprang toward the golden dragon.But it is just moving physique, one as deep as the sea of ​​golden Breath sped to severely impact the body in a white ape.Breath While it is not damaged white ape, but the huge force of the impact, or the white ape hit fly several Baizhang.Roar!White apes in the air after the firm turned a few somersaults, roar loudly, emerging out of the left charred layer of white flame, slightly startled, dozens of emerging out of the dense white shadow boxing, will once again swept to golden Breath crushed to tear open.White ape body, stone, animal husbandry, seems temporarily forgotten at the moment is his own in the battle of the white ape to speak, a burst of inexplicable excitement, more of a stunning feeling.Nine turn Xuangong Juli first layer, in the hands of white apes play dripping every minute, I do not know how much stronger than their own.And this level of fighting, as well as white ape for nine turn Xuangong to use, for their future practice and practical, will bring untold benefits!White ape stature flash, again sprang toward the dragon, it seems that some can not wait.Golden dragon eyes slightly flash, face white apes must we pressed, he began to dodge them again and again, as a last resort they use horn emits a golden light, golden mouth spray or Breath, the white ape push back, and it does not Melee.Suddenly, time and over a quarter of an hour.White ape body carnage than previously, a lot of dark, breath quickly fall.Sure enough, you burn the body and blood, forced enhance the power of the flesh. Let us look at the seat you how much energy and blood can burn! Golden dragon hide, vomit, mad laughs.It is a big mouth, a golden Breath ejected again to dive and white apes launched hundreds of feet.White ape face was the color of fury, but it is powerless.It is now rapidly fading breath body, the bodys blood is also only a thin layer of flame, seeing it thoroughly extinguished.Im afraid to insist on less than a stick of incense time, we have to thoroughly why he did not.Precarious scene together! (To be continued)). If you like this work, you are welcome to start () cast ,, Your support is my greatest motivation. Go mobile phone users to read. )Cheap nfl JerseysWholesale NFL JerseysCheap Jerseys chinaCheap nfl jerseysCheap nba jerseyscheap oakleys sunglasses Cheap jordans

Genkai door loaded to force in the world 439th chapter ape Jiao Dou

Seeing Jinpao man, his face slightly changed.He made other reactions ranging from white apes left white flame suddenly soared Yanguang winding down, condensed into a few pieces of white fire python, feicuan the swoop over.Jinpao men seem quite afraid this white fire python, Jinpao bulging with Piaoshen Feitui, at the same time, his hands wrapped around a golden strands converge, condensed into a golden guns again.See, however slight flick their wrist, a fuzzy golden guns, gun dense shadow emerged out of a tree as a sudden bloom of Golden, easily pick open a few menacing white fire python, so that they can not actually close.Whether white ape, or Jinpao men, almost alarming rate, and the gestures are implied great Vaillant, so White Ape Language Perspective stone animal husbandry ever more frightened, unable to move anything but suffer.But this is also thanks to his strength, if really this man Jinpao, fear is simply bear.After all, his left hand again strong, only comparable to the force of a blow-bit days of it, but before Jinpao man, whose strength has been far from the early days of bits so simple.At this time, the white ape golden eyes big place, a big mouth suddenly.Boom is heard!Pure white flame disc the size of a group flying out from the mouth.Shiny bright flame, but did not harsh, not even emit much heat.White flame fast, like a meteor across the sky in general, in the air, leaving a long scars, severely hit the densely gun Movies Jinpao mans body weeks.Laugh it soon!Movies golden gun was engulfed in flames on white Hezhongxiaokui, white flame did not stop the bitter blow to the Jinpao men.Jinpao Upon seeing the man, hands folded across the chest, hands and lit two groups of gold, forming a layer of golden light net.boom!White flames golden light falling into the network, so that the intermediate optical networks depression, although not to the breakdown, but then burst open, a huge impact with the projection looked white flame stream, sweeping in all directions while open.Jinpao man chest, such as being hit like stature inverted out, mouth emitting a small mouth gold blood.Although the golden light network withstood most of the white flame stream, but there are still many men who fall Jinpao, Chi Chi sound, golden robes broken off.Seeing white apes, mouth uttered a roar of excitement, stature, such as electricity-like swoop over, rolling on his left white flame, unite into a huge white flame edged sword, severely Kanxiang still in midair Jinpao man .Jinpao man eyes a golden Sheng, who suddenly broke out among ten thousand burning sky Jinmang purpose, the whole person instantly submerged in golden light into the, into an enormous golden sun.Dragons clear and loud sound came from the golden sun, and resounded through the world!Glaring gold among Jinpao man stature suddenly stretched into a foot or three feet of the golden dragon, and the white apes of similar size.Golden dragon body covered with golden scales, gleaming golden talons Alondra on foot several feet long, seems like enough to account for a road cut jade gold golden sword, emitting bursts of cold light, it is hope of shudder.Dragon head long with a golden horn, but also exudes a dense Hanmang nostrils continuously ejected golden arrogance.After completion of golden dragon in one moment turned, mouth uttered a roar, a huge body around a pendulum, a pair of retractable claws burst uncertain golden claw Mans, Looking white ape hands of white flame Sword.Bang bang!Gold Paw Paw Mans and white flame sword pay strike at about burst open, and white into a golden glow, the radius range Shiyu everything under the hood.Two huge stature in the glow of their separate, apparently had just one hit, both par.But then, the sky roar twice came from two giant mouth respectively, both crashing again in mid-air collision.boomA circle of white flame and a halo of gold swept open in all directions, the air immediately filled with thunder, lightning, and tear space sounded strange wailing sound.Under the Dark door on the 2nd peaks, the Lord of the sect elders gathered here, a look of intense horror of watching the distant sky pitted two huge Giants, body shaking unsteadily, one of whom is the Dark Gate palm teach.Whether or Jinjiao White Ape, exudes atmosphere let them feel great horror, but looked far, are scary.This level of fighting, etc., is beyond their imagination, if it was from a little closer, you have to fear is immediately meteorite body Dissipation!At the moment, piercing sound coming!A black light coming from the direction of the 1st peak, falls in front of a few people, it is the Dark Gate Presbyterian gold Zi.Great …… great elders! A few people to see middle-aged black robe, quickly come see.Such things happen in the door, they had confusion, great elders there, they have a backbone, finally Hold your heart.Special circumstances, would not have more than a ritual. Jin Zi hastily waved said.Great elders, to ape the Air Jiao so crushed, Im afraid gate …… One of the elders looked a distant air, some hesitation asked.Xie elders, the elders of the wind, with the two of you people can act immediately to those of the Disciples coma taken to a safe place far away. Zi Jin told Road.Yes!A purple robe and a middle-aged man duo qingpao heard, immediately agreed to cry, and turned toward the distant fly.Lin elders, the elders of the king, and you open the door immediately around the ban, an important place to protect the door, do not fight the aftermath of the destruction was in heaven. Jin Zi continued told Road.The other two elders promised soon, immediately flew away.Great elders under a series of successive commands, Dark door elders of you quickly get busy.Dark door all these years of accumulated quite good strength, not long before, all unconscious disciples were brought to the distance.Thirteen peaks around important places, such as colored lights are prohibited scripture library light.Great elders standing on top of a mountain, watching the distant distant air two huge figure, eyes flicker.Great elders, this two behemoth What is the origin? How would suddenly appear in this door? Dark side door head went down to the elders, asked.This I do not know, this is probably the strength of two monsters are on the day-bit environment, even in the presence of I, nor the force of a strike. Jin Zi shook his head.Heaven place exists! Dark gate head, and the other elders surprised nearby.They need to look up order is a mighty, mighty day bit realm of the peninsula three seven, did not appear before.Jin Zi eyed monster two looked away, I do not know what to think…….Mid-air, white apes and gold dragon fighting more intense, white ape body, stone, animal husbandry is seen more frightened.After transfiguration, golden dragons power surge.Alondra its sharp, comparable to magic, Jiao Mei sonorous, powerful collapse of the energy giant mountains, especially the head of the dragon Flanagan golden horn, can emit a beam of light golden road, the strong penetration, it is rare.Although mighty white ape, but the means of attack, compared to the golden dragon is a lot of difference in the Battle of dozens of rounds, gradually fall under the wind.Soon, it will be the body with multiple injuries, blood Kuangyong, the silver-white long-haired dyed a bright red, and even his face was full of blood traces of a road, it seems all the more hideous.Bang!For several giant golden Kau Road Zhaoying white apes forced back again and again, in this case, a very thick golden Jiao tail swept to, white ape caught off guard, the body was directly drawn, however, to an enormous force Pei stature suddenly inverted out.White ape flew straight Baizhang away, tumbling in the air after a few laps, only to catch herself Kankan stature once again more of a shocking bloody traces.But then, in front of gold blinks. Kau is golden giant claws rushed over, faint golden eyes, mouth suddenly ejected a large golden flames.White Ape sky screaming, left white flame crest, white flame from a sword into a white flame sticks.Great apes arm sweep, white flame sticks into a mountain-like white stick shadow, and will head to the golden flames which roll, upsets and instant smash, a golden flame flow path radiance.The next moment, the pair of golden Juzhua Po Kong, grasping the white ape forehead.White Ape eyes flashed fiercely with arms threw a pick, sticks whip white flame dragon head to the golden, Jingsi played with each other internecine intention!Bang bang!White flame sticks in the forthcoming Jinjiao falls on the head, it was golden dragon one pair Alondra against.On the strength of pure, white apes, especially on top of the golden dragon, a white flame white flame sticks cemented Suddenly Yan Guang Sheng, and burst open!Boom!Huge golden dragon body impressively Zhenfei out, flying down the Shiyu Zhang.It is a pair of burned charred Alondra moment, the number of root claws are its breaking, golden cross the blood stream.Quitting, brave victory, white ape desperate blow, forcing Jinjiao had back on defense!Ow!White ape excited arms Mengchui chest, whole body once again emerged out of a large silver, at the same time, it suddenly eyes look to the sky that the sun wheel.Om ……And a strange white ape who comes from the fluctuations out of a white light from the sun high in the sky like rain falling down, condensed into a white shiny sun ghost, flying into the mouth of a white ape.Yinmang White Ape who has emerged out of the layer of light shining, who immediately give all wound to stop the bleeding, and fast motility, few breathing, give all healed.This is a Japanese-style …… suck! White ape body, stone, animal husbandry, to see this scene, the heart suddenly extremely shocked.He dreamed many times in a dream, and to practice suction Japanese, naturally recognize the white ape means flexing at the moment.White Ape moment and just gather huge compared to the essence of the sun, he reluctantly cast out by means of dreams suction Japanese insignificant, not enough to hang a difference count. (To be continued.)Cheap nfl JerseysWholesale NFL JerseysCheap Jerseys chinaCheap nfl jerseysCheap nba jerseyscheap oakleys sunglasses Cheap jordans

Genkai door loaded to force in the world 438th chapter to kill enemies

Outbreak once, three-shift, and seeking monthly oh!………………Dayan country Dark Gate sect WwW..lāAt the moment coincided with noon, the sun is shining, but the Dark thirteen peaks peak, he was a piece of pale blanket of darkness shrouded the top of the hill a gigantic black cloud formed.From a distance looks, thirteen Dark Peak and the peak of the dark, as if thirteen gigantic mushrooms in general.Dark clouds on the ground cast a shadow large, from the foot of the mountain looked mountain top Qifeng strange rocks, faint infected with a layer of black, with a trace of grim meaning.Under thirteen peaks, Dark Disciples bustling, they are already used to seeing such a scene, naturally did not mind, have been busy with their own thing.Dark Disciples number, compared to the year, faint the addition of a lot, it seems that in recent years the development is good.XIII mountain peak a secret location, he built a loft layers.But the attic looks abandoned for a long time, the doors and windows covered with cobwebs, connecting the foot of the stone path is also almost next to half the height of the weeds cover, apparently for a long time no one set foot here a.At the moment, loft top, a blue figure sitting cross-legged, is the stone animal husbandry.Here, it is Ju Shishu place then lived, after he his death, Dark door I do not know what reason, not be here to other elders use, and therefore abandoned down.Ten days ago, stone, animal husbandry and silently came here, did not disturb anybody Dark door.Shishu Ju Kurau this desolate, just stay here a few days.He now hands empty hold, the air of a Road Sunlight essence converge to, a steady stream into their body.Dreamland, stone, animal husbandry incarnation a white ape, in some weird position Pafu a towering Xianfeng top, clouds shrouded body weeks, seems like fairyland Language.Mid-air, fluffy white clouds, a sun dial the clouds, round after round of gold which poured down, into the white ape body.White ape body hair seems like coated with gold, sparkling.The passage of time, golden white ape hair on the more dazzling.At this point, mutation and the emergent!Once-quiet mid-air, between the mere mention of the situation suddenly, violently between large clouds suddenly roll, which will shelter the sun, so that suddenly a dark sky.Strangely, there was a faint white clouds road surface projection out golden.Just when the white ape cheeky Yaran color, large middle clouds fluctuate together, out of thin air appeared a pair of huge golden eye pupil ghost, gazed at the white ape beneath the eyes pernicious incomparable.White Ape body of stone, animal husbandry, and felt the mind earthquake.At the moment he speak, he had been a prehistoric monster pegged general, chills, yet is invisible rope tied the body, are not able to move anything.This sense of powerlessness, allowed my mind to endless fear swept through the body.At this time, the white ape suddenly stopped absorbing Japanese, a large body jumped up, eyes look to the sky golden eye pupil, rage face fierce look, Jingsi outrageously great fear which suddenly appeared Kim pupil.Huge gold pupil golden big place, which fired two Huangruo real gold.Roar!White Ape beat his hands, mouth uttered shaking roar resounded through the world, straight shook Nether ripples.Above the attic, stone, animal husbandry body startled, suddenly awakened from a dream, big mouth breathing, heart beat like a drum, almost jumped out from the chest.Just how is this going?His body and some tremble, big mouth and take a deep breath several times, this barely calm heartbeat.However, not waiting for them to make other reactions, shrill piercing long howling sounded like coming from a distance, like thunder general exploding in my ears, the sound is full of endless pernicious fury meaning.Stone, animal husbandry speak vivo blood churned, especially in the minds of a sting, as if acupuncture in general, could not help but face became pale, toward the sound coming from the place looked.Howling like Haitao, a moment Dark gate thirteen peaks give all shrouded prolonged without a break.Howling ear, Dark Disciples such as being hit, a priori realm of the following features directly oozing blood, fell to the ground I do not know life and death.Congenital also, or star rank above sect elders, also Koupen blood, look sluggish fell to the ground, his face aghast inexplicable horror.One mountain hall in a black light flying out to reveal a black robe middle-aged figure, it is the Dark Gate Presbyterian gold Zi.At the moment gold Zi eyes sparkling, body black light rolling.this is……His face was alarmed, eyes look to the howling coming from the direction.Upon the thirteenth mountain attic, stone, animal husbandry, looking away, suddenly a golden light from the distant horizon emerges and swift extremely hurtling speed is extremely alarming.Has yet to be near to, stone, animal husbandry, front air suddenly flash, nothing out of a pair of enormous golden eye pupil ghost.Kim pupil a turn, look to the bottom of the stone, animal husbandry, the eyes of the pernicious intention to kill, as if to run to all corners of the water is difficult to wash, and dreams of golden eye pupil impressively identical.Stone, animal husbandry face became pale again, but the next moment the body of a bear, and dreams as impressively, unable to move anything, mind could not help anxious.At this point, his body and blood suddenly boiling surge burning sensation throughout thrown from the body, and the body scurrying limbs kidneys as if a flame is burning, it will bind him invisible force destroy one.what!Stone, animal husbandry, Yang Tian heard shouts and howling contains an as deep as the sea of ​​boundless power, instantly spread throughout the Dark thirteen peaks, all still sober person taken aback and lay again.After the whistle, stone, animal husbandry body came a burst of crisp crack sound, who muster a huge block of muscle, the body quickly becomes larger as inflatable ships, surface more quickly grow needle-like white hair.Blink of an eye, stone, animal husbandry, became a full white ape twenty-three feet size.White Ape golden pupil shot two bright golden light, but on previous occasions been Ape fury different emotional control, now stone, animal husbandry, has not lost sanity, went so far as to maintain sobriety.But he still can not control the white apes, can only be a spectator.But it shocked mind, but like badly in general, can not quell.White apes giant foot on the lower loft a step, attic direct crash, White Ape huge body into a huge white shadow in the sky.Ape body just dancing, rock, animal husbandry, speak, eyes golden flash, the next moment the great white ape body Earthquake was an awful invisible Juli hit toward the rear inverted out, flying out of the full number Baizhang, he crashed into a mountain stopped down.Rumble!Tall over a hundred feet high peaks impressively straight down the middle broken countless stones rolling toward the mountains fall to go, but fortunately this peak is not the Dark thirteen peaks peak, the mountain is not much Dark Disciples.But this scene was Dark Gate Presbyterian Gold Hedges and a lot of these doors congenital elders see in the eyes, the eyes of a shocking moment.Obviously they did not know the number thirteenth summit, how will get nothing out of such a monster…….On his chest was a white ape draw a few deep wound, blood bubbling Kuangyong, blink of an eye stained white chest hair.White Ape furious, mouth uttered a growl.Near the wound immediately emerge out of a layer of white, blood soon stopped, the wound is also visible speed healing, a few breathing, had terrible scars become few shallow Honghen.White Ape body, stone, animal husbandry relieved, toward the front and looked, his face suddenly a change.I saw the front of the air, out of thin air Jinpao a middle-aged man standing, gold blond beard, eyebrows also golden, looking solemn as iron.This stature compared to great apes and white, small, poor, but the whole body exudes a very arrogant wild atmosphere, great apes still in white above.Jinpao man with his hands is a shocking two thick golden Alondra above squirrelfish clouds, Alondra sparkling metallic luster.White Ape wounds look is this cause for Alondra.White Ape body, stone, animal husbandry heart thoughts tumbling.In this Jinpao man who he thought he saw a huge golden dragon figure, combined with the previous two saw a huge golden pupil.This is nine Jinjiao! No, it should not be the body to pro fishes …… Kuangzhen his mind, but speculation immediately began Jinpao mans identity.Jinpao man exudes atmosphere though powerful, but also day-bit level, if by the king Cang ape, its ontology affinity to, will not only day-bit realm.Between stone animal husbandry consider, white gold apes a pupil contraction, mouth uttered a roar, a stout Yuanbi severely beat also left behind a half mountain, leveraging the body flew toward Jinpao man swooped past.White body seems like a huge mountain in general, cast a large shadow, will Jinpao man enveloped in the inside.This seat will know that you will not be so easy to die! Jinpao man eyes golden light of a condensate, Leng Heng, the face of the mountain-like swoop from the huge shadow, and looked the slightest change.He stretched his right hand, if a large real gold distributed out from his hands, then as general billowing wave crest, blink of an eye, forming a huge golden tornado column to withstand a huge white ape body, so it can not fall unexpectedly .White ape furious, who lit a large Yinmang, waving hands and feet kicking, silver palm Movies Movies foot a road crowded as the storm dropped like, bombardment in the golden wind column.Golden wind column just trembling, but not collapsing, still fast swollen, some faint white apes trapped in the trend inside.Jinpao men face a smile, left volley grasp, golden light in his hands convergence, cemented a golden gun battle.Kill! Jinpao man shouted, arms waved.Golden gun battle turned into a gold, white ape fleeting stabbing chest, trails, also appearing empty lines in black.White ape golden eyes flash, growled, his left arm hula look, ignited a raging white flame.Flame crest, condensed into a gigantic white hands, darling severely shot in the golden wind column.Boom is heard!Golden wind column in front of white flame of what has become fragile, directly broken into two parts, open to collapsing.White Ape single hand grasping, one will face and to the golden guns catch, the other holding the other end, his arms a force, click sound will be guns crush. (To be continued.)Cheap nfl JerseysWholesale NFL JerseysCheap Jerseys chinaCheap nfl jerseysCheap nba jerseyscheap oakleys sunglasses Cheap jordans

Genkai door to act in the world killing 437th chapter

Ow!Dragons again soon, suddenly out of the seven Jinjiao Zhu Xian array, Zhang Xuepentaikou, sparkling golden huge body surface, an extremely amazing coercion revealed beyond doubt.Under the seven people alarmed, quickly running spiritual force behind various wears different colors have appeared.That huge Jinjiao stature pendulum, the first toward the nearest Baishidaoren rushed.A whopping hundred feet white giant ghost appears Baishidaoren behind, holding the hands of one its height almost equal length fell monsters iron, do the mountains form towards rushing golden giant Jiao vertical split down.Golden giant Jiao seeing shadow stick pixia, does not even flash not avoid, leaning up a Young belly Juzhua suddenly stuck, a will that fell monsters stick caught another Juzhua direct probe into the giant ghost in, suddenly said something, it will head that wears ghost tear down.Baishidaoren wears damaged body startled, distributed to them immediately outflow of blood, can not wait for him slow to God, it would only tear he wears Juzhua had come again, grabbed his body, throwing up , mouth took him and swallowed.Baishidaoren falling giant Jiao mouth, his giant wears began collapsing, turned into a little white, along with his body, it flows into the golden giant Jiao mouth.With those white light into giant Kau who lit little light, the whole body small wound quickly healed, breath faint rise somewhat.Whitehead brothers!A square face Taoist canthus head splitting, behind the red light suddenly surging, holding the Sword of the giant ** phase roaring out, the result was Jinjiao a snapped neck, both man wears together swallowed into the belly.On the other side, a giant rear wing and wears pick up, we should coerced fly below the blue robe priests seeing them go, the result was a golden beam of light directly breakdown, and after being followed and to the claw grab Jinjiao , torn in two…….After the golden giant Jiao Destroys out these through angel taught to strong order in the presence of even one would close it, just blink of an eye, there will be six people became the meal of their appetite.Seven people, because the distance remaining Aoki Taoist Jinjiao farthest, and did not run away, but was left behind.He looked not far from Purple Taoist, look sad, the eyes are Duoliaoyifen color decidedly it.That Jinjiao devoured six to order strong, the atmosphere is more powerful than the beginning, it stature meal, a giant mouth, will be moving from its recent Purple Taoist rushed.But that golden giant Jiao just dive in half, a huge blue half light swept over the region.Bang!Golden Giant Kau surface outbreak of a mass like a sun-like gold blue and white halos stature was hit fly out a little abruptly.I saw Aoki Taoist handheld edged blue wooden stick behind wears not a trace, the people whole body was a mass of glaucoma wrapped body breath rising from the ground mid-order broke through to the later stage, reaching nearly to order Dzogchen degree .The rapid increase in the strength of the state at the same time, it is a gray face defeat, his eyes are bloodshot, apparently spent some burning vitality of the occult.Aoki Taoist Jiao blow the gold giant Zhuangfei, but it did not stop the hands of a series of dancing under blue wooden stick, there half layers of light flying out every fall on the Jinjiao huge body.However Jinjiao whole body had surfaced layer of gold, the half light fell on top of gold, a dead letter as have collapsing disappear.Golden Giant Jiao roar heard, giant mouth a, a golden flame as FireWire general injection, almost equal Aoki Taoist.Aoki Taoist cyan wooden stick erected in front, left-hand pinch a law tactics by the rod body forward handed out parry.Hula soon!A huge two-color plainer Tai Chi pattern appeared in front of him, like a giant circular shield in general, firmly guarding him.Golden flame constantly spewing burning of Taiji buckler, Pisces pattern buckler on also spins cancel out the flames, barely resist down, but Aoki Taoist looking increasingly gray defeat, seeing they should not hold.At this time, a huge Jinjiao behind, has cropped up a narrow purple light, towards the side dive over.Looked carefully, only to find that the shadow shocking a purple long Aya.Piece purple long silk long but Zhang Xu wider than three feet, a tightly wrapped in golden giant Jiao body, another head was held in a height of about thirty feet, the whole body purple angry King Kong hands lofty.The King Kong ghost, it Purple Taoist wears long with superhuman powers, two hands clutching two purple long damask, the other two hands holding two Zi Yan wrapped sword, near the head of that two hands on it holding a purple garland.I saw that King Kong holding purple long Ayas hand jerked back a drag, it will be a golden giant Jiao huge body fell out.Aoki Taoist pressure suddenly a loose, but then yelled:Purple Brother, how can you not go, this hunt, etc., may not my Lidi ah!Purple Taoist Shen watery surface, Aoki did not hear the words are like the hands of law must a pinch, a stride forward behind King Kong, Liang Bing Jiao Zi Yan giant golden sword toward the lead pixia, was that gold Kau directly extending two claws Latching.Jinjiao skull front Looking Diamond, a flame of three mouth about ejected three golden flame, almost equal to diamond three heads.The three diamond head is a giant mouth one, three strands fog like Purple tumbling emission, and the golden flame hedge together.callIt looks like a thin purple haze when went golden flame, like a change for a real general, tightly wrapped around Jin Yan.And that very high temperature flame when into the purple haze, like a caught in a sticky swamp in general, not only immersive can not move forward, was also a little bit of corrosion spend together.I will kill you!Purple Taoist roar loudly, quickly strengthen spiritual power, sending the King wears approaching the golden giant Jiao.However, at this point, Purple Taoist suddenly felt body side sounded the wind, the corner of the eye to see Jinjiao huge Jiao tail outflanking raid came from his side side.He now inevitable, mouth emitting a height of about Cunxu brass small tower, rolling revolves, then fell on his head, releasing a misty yellow light, he will be protected therein.However, a small tower yellow brass Body has not been fully released, the piece has been deadly Kau end came near, it is necessary to draw Purple Taoist fly as if.Suddenly, the air sound whiz of voices, dozens of green vines meander out to that road Jinjiao giant tail firmly tied up.Look Aoki Taoist, his complexion more miserable, distributed to them were out of the black blood in his back, he appeared in a foot high of feet ghost hand monster vine ghost.The ghost of the thousands of articles vine hands in shackles after living Jinjiao immediately burn from the blue flame.Ow!Golden Giant Kau head on white flame burning, the sky and howled.Purple Taoist face at the moment is as white as paper, his hands moving pinch method tactic, that hands held high wears diamond Jingping, suddenly poured down, the bottle purple flash, a pediatric arm-like thickness of purple beam, round after round of coerced purple lightning, straight toward Jinjiao.Jinjiao stature to be bound, avoid less, is that the light beam at hitting the body.The purple beam coagulation is too real, and too small, hitting Jinjiao time, leaving only a very tiny black dots on its body somewhere, and this black spot on the giant Jiao golden body, but a bit conspicuous.Tinkling of gems Lang sound sounded!Purple Taoist magic behind the bear, finally unsheathed swords Nabing loose grain, in the rose into the air, the wind jumped to Qiba Zhang size, Quintana purple lines flash, turned into a purple Qiba Zhang long queue.Purple queue mouth silent roar, roll the body toward Jinjiao, impartial straight crashed into, before being golden hit on the black specks.Ow!Jinjiao is a loud deafening roar, its body somewhere in the flesh open, it has been hit in a front transparent hole.Purple Taoist delight, was about to recall swords again moves when suddenly a throbbing heart, panic to find that he can not move.When Jinjiao that roar issued, body gold masterpiece, the air invisible volatility shocks open to the entire east of the city was swept again.At this time, more than Purple Taoist can not move, Aoki Taoist and the city being flee people, have been detained in the same place, unable to move.BangWound Jinjiao body of those ghost hand vine begins to fracture, Jiao first moment unfettered breakthrough to Zhang Xuepentaikou on towards Aoki Taoist bite.Aoki Taoist look sad, wry smile, the body light suddenly illuminated.Jinjiao surprised seeing eyes, head hastily retracted.Boom is heard!Aoki Taoist body together behind wears burst open with, the huge blue blast fire in swept open the Jinjiao impact was inverted Shiyu, even originally lived its magic confined space also slacken off.Purple Taoist eyes were red, but did not dare to stay here, who Reed Flower flash, as if we should seeing them.Jinjiao naturally refused to give up, physique a roll, into a golden Jizhui out huge Jiao turned tail roll, it will be the already flying several feet of Taoist Purple rolled back, a giant mouth , a mass of red golden flame will Purple Taoist wrapped inside.Purple Tao people knew something was wrong, has long been the brass small tower resorted to, will cover your own, you can be separated by a yellow light curtain passed in flame heat still intolerable.Tick Purple Taoist suddenly heard a strange sound.His hand touched his forehead, a paralysis yellow melt will stick in his hands.Then, the tick sound constantly, tall brass small tower actually melted in the flames.Yellow light curtain disappeared, Purple Taoist reconciled growled, it was engulfed red golden flame.Gold giant Jiao a suction mouth, it will flame and Purple Taoist together suction mouth, swallowed Rufu.But a moment of time, through the angel teach eight to strong order, together with forty-nine innate elite disciples all fall.Golden Giant Jiao long footer roll, stature suddenly narrowed, and soon became the burly blond middle-aged man, the whole body squirrelfish broken a lot, but in gold among the naked eye visible speed recovery with.Well, a group of ants, cocoon, just the period from fresh blood. Incarnation blond man Ao ancestral Leng Heng, himself said.Ao ancestors said, licking his lips, complex turn greedy eyes on the next body is already dilapidated east of the city. (To be continued.)Cheap nfl JerseysWholesale NFL JerseysCheap Jerseys chinaCheap nfl jerseysCheap nba jerseyscheap oakleys sunglasses Cheap jordans

Genkai door to act in the world destroys the 436th chapter

People east of the city to see this scene, completely panicked, many people irrational, frantically toward the red light curtain rushed.However, those who at the time into the light curtain, but did not by the resistance, pop gave the Qing Xiang, wear in the past.And we ran to the side would also have people see this scene, all stopped, mouth open is great, just like the shape of that fear to the extreme.Just look into the light curtain, at the moment actually all only a pink skull, hands and feet in the forward swing after a few, have weak down to the ground, the body of flesh and blood actually disappeared all transpiration.The rest of the people of inexplicable horror, the only slumped fell to the floor, helpless with immobile.People cries straight into the sky, while floating in the air Babel congregation but no one cares, they are all watching the cold, trapped in front of the man jinpao Ao ancestors.Just a lot of talk and Ao ancestors, but in order to fight the final battle formation arranged some time, and now has become a large array Zhu Xian Seven, Purple Taoist and will no longer say that Ao ancestors.Seven Zhu Xian array, sword Tu! Purple Taoist gave the order.Dozens of congenital peripheral disciples moving pinch method must have a Road light, like a meteor-like into Zhu Xian array of light curtains, the light curtain red light suddenly soared.Sword handle buzzing seven screens below, a series of illuminated light, a serpentine road from Rune flashed.Sword from!Forty-nine congenital disciple shouted in unison, the sound deafening, chaotic attracted people below, can not help but stop crying, I looked up to heaven.I saw numerous road serpentine seven Rune Sword handle on constantly save the sword shot out from the body, into the air have become a two-edged sword flashing Huaguang ghost, tip directed in the middle.All of a sudden, crowded together launch ghost sword, coerced fierce momentum, as frantic race toward Ao ancestors.Ao ancestral mouth issued a hint of sneer, hands together, who immediately jumped golden, golden robes although no wind was self Gudang up, forming a golden ball in his in vitro screens, he wrapped up the whole person.Ao ancestors just a silky Body formed dense sword ghost had Po Kong.Rattled while the metal hit the post rang!Several hundred in the sword ghost silky bounce after the impact was not able to break open the golden-edged, round after round leaving only superficial scratches on the orb.While not break open the golden lightsaber, but wins in enough quantity, golden-edged lightsaber may not be crushed, but one thousand stem Wan sword handle ghost after another, brought about by the destructive, but who are also It can not be underestimated.Sword of countless virtual shadow barely visible together into a torrent, sweeping from all directions and to continue the ancestral Ao Body and silky brilliance impact was random chatter.Golden Globe could have negligible small scratches, after accumulation over and over again, even with the trend of expansion, a little while, they formed several small hairline cracks.Zaigong!Purple Taoist eyes, such as electricity, there is the golden goal defeat immediately found signs off, loudly and quickly ordered Road.At the moment all those innate disciple is pale, most infuriating consumption can be heard Purple Taoist ordered all totally disregard the law must be pushed from again.With a Road light like a meteor into the red screens, the bottom surface of seven handle Sword Rune Sheng, Jian Zhen again poured inside the crowded ghost sword, flashing Huaguang towards Ao ancestors silky Body * *** away.Click sound Cui Xiang!I do not know how much the bear attack, wrapped Ao ancestral golden goal finally overwhelmed, broken off.The remaining sword ghost have split from drill into place, stabbing Ao ancestors.Sky Jianguang flashing, Jianmang aspect, Ao ancestral Jinpao begins to tear, I do not know how many road lightsaber, all broke in, stabbed in the loss of protection Ao ancestors.Seeing hit Ao ancestors, through the angel teach everyone all excited cheeky look, we had a chance to be fived some people on why he did not de-force, collapsed in the gold coaster.These different innate disciples, that seven headed to order all priests but no trace of the color relaxed, everyone holding a bloody token, started changing the law formula, maintains seven big fuss.Gold dispersed, Jianmang disappeared, all eyes look to uniform the air, from the previous full of hope, gradually becoming difficult to look.The whole sky, Ao ancestors still proudly standing, although a Jinpao look ragged, but apparently did not suffer any fatal injury.He glanced down at the already dilapidated golden robe, frowned, one will pull it off, revealing a glowing golden body.But see its whole body golden shine, covered with a piece of flesh above the fan-shaped golden scales, unlike wore soft armor, but rather a general long in flesh and blood.Haier group of ants, parade pendulum is large enough, it is the only point capable of? Ao ancestral Road.Rumble!Ao ancestral Carter, I heard muffled thunder in his head would explode, he looked up and looked up, to see a radius of Zhang Xu purple lightning fall from heaven in order to Thunder trend toward his head bombardment Come.Seven Zhu Xian array, thunder down! Purple Taoist sound mixed in thunder, micro almost inaudible.At the same time, seven to order the strong hands of the bloody token light big place, each other each other.Ao ancestral hands, quickly rub, and then a minute, give day proposition.But see their two hands golden glow, a golden moment regiment formed between their hands.The mass of golden light and no earth-shattering power and influence, but a bit weak, but after appear immediately opened and dispersed in all directions into a light flow of huge golden net.It looks like a very purple lightning beam power and influence, after smashing into the web of this gold pocket up immediately, as if falling into a big fish among the fishing net in general, no matter how wanton twist, but still can not escape.boom!The light beam is not directly before lightning rushed Ao ancestral body, only to burst in the sky open.Accompanied by huge lightning crashing burst, chipping off fine Dianmang wanton cruising in the air, dth dth sound heard.Ao ancestral loose golden hair, who just break open a small number of road wound around him did not care to those small Dianmang.How …… how could that be? Baishidaoren open mouth, a round face is full of incredible expression.Ants ants after all, no matter how frustrating, much better! Ao ancestors said.When he finished, his body golden light lit again, already burly body actually overstating Shu Zhang, became a golden giant.Foot tall Liuzhang Ao ancestors, semiflexion the body, right fist received the body side, Zhu Xian eyes squint a large array of screens, to be ready to force the foot, fist-sized hill toward the screens bombardment away .Bang bang!The split red light foreground of a road gap space, inside as black as ink, Ao ancestral right fist no breakdown screens, nor into the arm bones, but hit solidly in the foreground light space.Red light curtain violently shake up, buzzing sound shook the eardrum sore, like a wave-like circular ripples from Ao ancestral bombardment where a circle of waves go.In the periphery of the catalyst support through seven Zhu Xian array angel to teach the strong order, the first to be affected, the shock was vomited blood, stature while shaking.The innate disciples seven gold coaster even more miserable, not only ear, nose and eye opening distributed to them at the same time the outflow of blood, but against the failure of stature, lost consciousness one.Zhu Xian array of screens, although not broken, but also because of the dozens of little reminders congenital disciple who, a lot of dim light moments.Ao ancestors after issuing the blow, stature also retracted to its original look.See Ao Zhu Xian Zu could not break a big fuss, Purple Taoist after the initial scared, a little calm a bit.This fear is the strength of the culprits have been bit late day strength, seven Zhu Xian array sleepy enough to him, but not enough to kill him. Young Gentlemen, I waited in this trap him, Master, etc. to deal with it. Purple Taoist secret acoustic Taoist order to elsewhere.Im sleepy enough? Ridiculous! Ao ancestors but like to hear acoustic Purple Taoist, he sneered.Taoist Purple hearts surprised, did not speak.Warm-up exercise is over, it is time eating. Ao ancestors said.When he finished, the air began to see the whole body of Ao ancestral vigorous shaking up his body like that gold is no longer as before soaring out, but as the river flowing out from him in general.With gold flowing, Ao ancestral body becomes blurred together.Purple Taoist see Ao ancestral golden body is gradually elongated, while the head office also changed.Ow!Across the sky with a loud sound from the Dragons, Purple Taoist completely awake.In front of the blond man he was gone, replaced, but it is more than a long Shiyu golden dragon.Jinjiao! Purple Taoist suddenly thought of something, her face white.Jinjiao huge head glance Quartet, thick Jiao tail in front of a roll, and an instant hit, a substance are like gold as they blast that swept Jiao tail out, darling of the fire in slid.Bang bang bang …… series of seven sound loud!Already some dim screens again violent shaking up, remaining innate disciples seven gold coaster on blood Kuangpen mouth, eyes broke orbit, it actually could not bear the shock force, all killed.Seven gold coaster did not hold reminders of spiritual power, they have to fall.Jinjiao not control how that light curtains shock, but body roll, spread upward rushed the sky, a big mouth, a golden flame spewing out directly whipping in the red in the sky.Zhu Xian array of red light curtain just a touch that Jinjiao flames, burning up immediately violently, through the angel to teach seven strong bands in the hands of blood-red token while also burning up extremely.After the pop sound Qing Xiang, followed by the flap sound sounded one after another!The blood-red token seven successive burst into pieces, and the sky covered canopy Qizhe red light curtains, are now under the flame burning steadily collapsing, to ashes. (To be continued.)Cheap nfl JerseysWholesale NFL JerseysCheap Jerseys chinaCheap nfl jerseysCheap nba jerseyscheap oakleys sunglasses Cheap jordans

Genkai door loaded to force in the world 435th chapter seven Zhu Xian array

Stone color, animal husbandry, did not answer the questioning child, waving away the grave near the ban, respectful towards the mother grave a ceremony, followed by a glaucoma body hold up, and flew toward the depths of the sea, only a hundred miles in depth over a desert island he stopped.So, you left the flame to Yang still has this and other usage, which is rare! Cai child standing on the shoulders of stone, animal husbandry and said so.This way, it shows the stone animal husbandry to the situation.But now wears how much force to tried to know. Stone said animal husbandry, eyes look to the following island, the island has a radius of more than ten years the big top is full of rocks, no vegetation bare life.His body thrown red and white light, condensed into a huge fire ape wears.Go! And waved a stone animal husbandry.Fire ape swoop wears out, toward the bottom of the island, in the hands of a flash of flame, unite into Liangbing flame sword, waved out, Laugh friends sound, a huge red and white flames flying Jianmang out.Rumble!There have been a few hundred feet long, wide Shu Zhang huge gully on a desert island.Hard rock under the red and white Jianmang, like tofu generally fragile.Fire ape crazy attack wears a desert island, his hands up and down the huge fire sword hacking, while the mouth flames.Storm-like attack quickly flooded the entire island, surrounded by the sea off huge waves, bursts of loud rumbling, like thunder sky exploding many people regret their hearts.Just a few breathing, this area is not a small island impressively disappeared without a trace from the sea, it sank to the bottom in the waves roll in.Seeing stone, animal husbandry, his face showing a trace of ecstasy.Fire ape wears in his left hand into the force after, sure enough power surge, especially cast wears BI real fire, a hint of white flame into the force, several times more than the power of a full upgrade.Just below the island, is to be a record, Hun Yuan real fire destroyed the foundation of this sank to the bottom.Good! Stone husbandry uttered excited laughter.Cai children have a stunned look, it seems to be the shock wears red ape release power.Stone, animal husbandry and laughter suddenly stop, waving recalled wears, after recovered the body, face some whitish.Although wears power surge, but also consumes a lot faster infuriating, infuriating his current level, it can not be free to use.He took out a Conspire the product began to restore it.Less inclined, his hands whitened began a throw, then your mind a move, behind the flash fire, red fire condensed into a pair of wings.Since the power of the flame can be combined left wears use, it should also be used for fire wings supernatural powers.Stone, animal husbandry arm becomes dark again, the force of the flame left leads into the fire behind the wing being.Holla!Stone, animal husbandry wing behind the fire suddenly increased tenfold, which mixed the slightest wisps of white, like blood meridian in general, the fire covered the entire wing.This, he was surprised, subconsciously shook a little fire wing.His figure a move, the next moment even blur can not see, suddenly disappear without a trace from the sea.Hundreds Zhangwai silhouette of a flower, animal husbandry, stone figure suddenly appears.He looked toward the surrounding, it did not seem to react to what is happening, but he soon learned.Stone took a deep breath, animal husbandry, restrain the hearts of ecstasy excited look behind the huge wings open fire, a slightly again.His eyes misty scenery up the whole people to a horrible speed speeding toward the front, the speed, ten times his original full fire escape velocity above the wing.After half stick of incense, the sea somewhere empty flash, animal husbandry, stone figure emerged out of no longer contain his joy, he could not help but laugh.So escape velocity, is also afraid of the presence bit unusual day catch, days after the encounter is a master, but also have the power to protect themselves, after all, even if not beat them, you can escape.But, this huge fire wings and wears, like, extremely infuriating consumption.Stone, animal husbandry, a ballpark figure, to his current infuriating amount, can barely maintain this speed escape a quarter of an hour.But it also has been good enough, a quarter of an hour, enough for him to speeding thousands of miles, if there are top grade Lingshi supply, but can extend the flight time, the general day-bit strong fear is also difficult winged chase.He took a deep breath and pressed the hearts of excitement, resorted to waving green wing coaster, set foot on it, and flew toward the origin.Just several cast fire wing, nor pay attention to color children, he estimated long been left behind I do not know how many miles away, and need to go back and find it.At the same time, Lu Shan dynasty Far Eastern Department.Mountain reign in the land and barbarian wilderness junction, there is a frontier town named east of the city, it is one of the most Lu Shan dynasty eastern cities.City area east of the city, population less than 100,000, is more and more border Xiaomin, past labor are buried today but all without exception, to the street, looking up to heaven.Because the human gods in the sky, there has been a large group of Royal Air and rows.Immortal in the group headed by the disciple was surprised that just lost through angel Purple Taoist teaching, he looks quite figure who trained Qing Qi, a gossip blue robe fluttering in the wind, but at the moment white face on it is very dignified.Behind him, also stood to three strong bands, flour Kurosu Aoki Taoist and a round face and blue robe Baishidaoren also impressively, where Aoki Taoist arms still holding a six ears strange dogs.In these four names to order strong behind him, also suspended three gold coaster, standing above dozens of innate state of the Warrior, who were all wearing angel taught through gossip blue robe, looks brighter than the light, full of momentum .In front of the crowd, a beard and hair are gold Jinpao uphold the middle-aged man standing in the air, looked blankly come.That golden culprits, but you strong through into my angel forbidden to teach, I teach in a public killing elite disciples? Baishidaoren broke asked, his voice resounded through half the sky.Teaching is through angel!Blond man did not make a sound, ordinary people have long been below raged past rare Babel teach fairy who actually caused so much today, they could not help but excited.That man in the end is the story behind Jinpao, dare tease that teach through the angel, really act recklessly? Most people are muttered.Golden culprits, why Jiangchuang forbidden to teach me, kill my congregation? See that blond man did not speak, could not help but Baishidaoren angry, go one step further asked.Baishidaoren heard these words, Jinpao this man slowly raised his head, looked Baishidaoren one, light, he said:Trampled to death a number of ants, these ants also need to tell why?You Baishidaoren whom angry.My disciples to Sheng, but you kill? Forced Taoist Purple hearts of anger, step forward asked.Oh, is that there is a spiritual device supporter coward it? Threw the door first to escape with the guy, I was the first to kill him. Jinpao man said.The courage to kill me through angel Anglicans, courage can quote your name? He asked the Purple Taoist teeth.This seats name, you know these ants do not deserve this, but if you do not know the dead who die in the hands, the idea is really innocent tight. You know I can Ao ancestors. Eyes of a blind man jinpao sky.Ao ancestors. Tong angel taught everyone is surprised a moment, not because of how much this name, but in the memory of the people have never heard of this number.Purple Taoist heart of a dynamic, clean vaguely remember Taoist Master mentioned Ao is a family name, it seems to be a mysterious old family.Purple Taoist being secretly hesitation when his side Baishidaoren suddenly tugged at his sleeve.Purple brothers, has become a big fuss, no longer delay time. Baishidaoren said.Good. Purple Taoist should be a cry, no more thought, he turned to look behind the other two nodded.Into the array. Purple Taoist gave the order.Baishidaoren to order immediately and two other strong, with a few gold coaster dispersed to go.Meanwhile, the man behind Jinpao appeared three wearing blue robe to order priests, behind them afloat same three gold coaster, dressed in a blue robe with a dozen congenital priests.In addition to the Purple Taoist priests to order with a total of seven forty-nine congenital Warrior, scattered in seven directions, claiming that the Ao ancestors, the man jinpao around the middle.Priests stood still just a seven teams, led by strong order to hand over the pages, my hand were more than a piece of blood-red stone token.That token is not transparent, but in the hands of those who transfer red, looks quite a bit treacherous and flirtatious.start!Seven priests to order the same time shout together, while violence from the red color on the seven token, straight into the sky, feet in Ao ancestral head office to bring together.Rumble!East of the city crowd below ground suddenly shook violently, people who under no panic onlookers immortal mind, immediately flee, but do not actually many houses collapsed in shock directly, many people have been collapsed brick wall direct killed.Oh, quick flight to the city!I do not know who shouted out, tens of thousands of people rushed toward the beginning of the Quartet at the gates fled during the stampede death of countless more.However, recently people from the city gate, and immediately found the horror, the gate width of thirty feet had been a two-edged sword completely foreclosed.In fact, not just at the gates, in the east of the city throughout the seven ** handle this Sword emerged, all the hilt, the tip against the sky.That thirty feet width material and color of the Sword token seem consistent at the moment are also suffused with scarlet light.Seven Zhu Xian array, closed day! Purple Taoist shouted.Bloody Sword beneath suddenly raised a red light curtain, and expanding the extend to both sides in the past seven successive screens handle the Sword of the expansion, and then transfer together.Seven intermediate Sword handle communication with seven screens, as a general screen Qizhe together end to end, the entire east of the city around them.At the same time, to order the seven strong hands bloody token by emitting a red light, like a dolphin-like stars, like the formation of a pagoda at the top of screens, from the top of the cover down, and the formation of Sword the screens seamless fit together.Om sound like Huang Zhong striking voice sounded like.Dome covered seven large array Zhu Xian finally formed, east of the city from the ground to the sky, throughout all banned together.However, from angel to teach through Morohito lineup, to a large array of complete, it has been the ancestral Ao Da Lielie appearance, it seems not the slightest shot blocked meaning, just as the other planted a big fuss to deal with is not their own, but other people in general. 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Genkai door loaded to force in the world 434th chapter coercion on the spot

court death!Wang several children already furious about all rushed WwW..lāUnexpectedly, and yet in front of stone, animal husbandry eyes golden flash, a powerful body matchless amazing atmosphere suddenly exudes away, such as the flood engulfed the audience.Just a few royal children still clamor suddenly knelt on the ground, covered with hair stood on end, bone soft tendons Ma, head constantly oozing large drops of perspiration, a time almost out of their wits.Group of royal children, the highest cultivation but also acquired late, stone, animal husbandry, which shares a little cast out spiritual pressure and let them all shaking as Shaikang, what a test ah, ah Fengcheng first, already thrown out the window, at the moment my heart just want to escape from here, as the body is persevering jin rock pressure body, did not move.This is …… to order! Wang Tianhao mouth fell open, and then conceal the hearts of dismay.Everyone in the audience, and only he can withstand a little rock grazing spiritual pressure, but also overwhelmed, sweat rolled down his forehead.To orderThe rest of the people heard this word, mind blank moment together.Xu Shu more mouth fell open, completely stunnedTo order Warrior stands for what, as they Warrior, naturally clear enough.In addition to the gold in front of straggling few times firecrackers, he heard no movement, as if the audience fell into silence.Powerful spiritual pressure lasted only two or three breathing effort, but feel the presence of all the ambient air are like a real general, the body can not move about, not even breathing almost as if after a few years in general for a long time.Some amendments to the weaker of two children, and finally no longer adhere to a two discolor, plop turn over a few times after another stumble on the spot coma for the past.Kim family ancestors really pushed hard to resist the powerful spiritual pressure dollars while watching the look of stone, animal husbandry and help full of fear mercy of meaning.If the stone to order cultivation, animal husbandry, really, Im afraid that one finger can easily killed him on the spot now!Stone, animal husbandry Seeing the situation, this after a few hey, the body breath slowly converge again.Gold to two children in the body after regaining freedom, one desperately gasping for breath no longer any doubt Wang Tianhao said earlier that the stone, animal husbandry is a discourse to order, but not the slightest clamor of courage.After Wang Tianhao grow breath, the body is relaxed, but look to the stone animal husbandry gaze astounded, mind thrown sorrow and grief.It is obviously thousands of miles to pick a Warriors blood, in order to enter this age innate, had so many people admired forever, and now in front of the stone, animal husbandry, innate and what counted?Warrior to order, not to mention the big Qi, is the whole eastern part of East Africa, but also can go sideways in existence, it is said seven large three great elders is such strength of it.Thought of this, Wang Tianhao heart full of feeling powerless.It seems that todays test of it should give up. After the stone, animal husbandry eyes swept the crowd, faint.The presence of people simply shot the lights deputy trepidation of the state, which would be willing to take a word.But there are a few words, I would say, and aunt Jane Yuhuan are my stone home, one is my stepmother, my sister is a, should they have the future who dares to disrespect the beginning, my first not forgive him. then the sound of stone, animal husbandry is a cold.This voice is not large, but every word like a thorn in everybodys picks as heart, people are all terrified, frightened.After a long pause, a dare retainers are constantly out of the door, transfixed the butler in the ear whisper a few words, such as the housekeeper was like a revelation, feebly he shouted:Auspicious time to!Yuhuan stone house with Aunt Jane has also been informed that everything coming out of stone, animal husbandry, and what happened, were very surprised.Aunt Jane very aghast!She never thought that there was no son of his ex-wife a husband too optimistic, even to repair leaps and bounds, reaching to order this and other two former gold king unthinkable horror realm, so now also appear in the scenery here, there is naturally mixed feelings.Yuhuan stone in the stone, animal husbandry become surprised to order more than the strong, the heart is thrown bursts of warmth, he did not expect a critical moment, or stone, animal husbandry, nominally brother, to help them rescue.When wearing a red scarf happy woman leaning stone Yuhuan slowly out of the door of the gold, followed Jane aunt out, her eyes slightly flushed, not far from the stone, animal husbandry, nodded slightly, to show gratitude.Aunt Jane, this is my sisters wedding ceremony Yuhuan, come in a hurry, are also not what to expect, a little gift, please accept my gift. Walked up the stone, animal husbandry, to Aunt Jane a ceremony, at the same time, he the shape of the hands of an ancient ring squeezed Jane aunt hands.Animal husbandry child, you …… Jane aunt of the moment to say a word.Although she was in Fengcheng, but still experience some vision, from the ring engraved tattoo, can recognize this thing is rumored priceless storage ring, but she does not know is that in this storage ring corner, also piled up a few pieces of spirit and a lot of Lingshi.Wang Xiong, ever since my sister to you, if you half points mistreat her, I will not forgive! Stone, animal husbandry, Wang Tianhao said solemnly.Ranging Wang Tianhao answer, stone, animal husbandry and awe-inspiring glance at the audience, so that all the people here look to have heart started.Aunt Jane, Yuhuan sister, you take care, if the opportunity, I will come back to visit you. Aunt Jane to hand over the stone, animal husbandry and stone Yuhuan goodbye.A dismay among the crowd, stone, animal husbandry, green resorted directly wing coaster into a glaucoma, piercing away.He wanted to leave a drink wedding, but now Now that exhibit extraordinary strength, if left again, for fear that no one can live at ease.My brother, you take care of yourself!Yuhuan stone with one hand holding Aunt Jane forwarded storage ring, look to the stone animal husbandry disappearing horizon direction, whispered softly…….A fishing village facing the sea, at the moment the Western Hills sunset, sunset fishing village will be shining in a golden.A return above the sea fishing boats, hard day fisherman rewarding experience.The village children are streaming to the beach, twitter exclaimed issued from time to time, look at these boats catch on to what exotic fish.Before long, the sun will be completely dropped, scattered lights lit, raised the roof every household smoke curl.Tranquil and peaceful throughout the fishing, seems like a dreamy picture.At that moment, a youth wearing hats qingpao appeared in the village, it was stone animal husbandry.Many years later, to return home again, and then look here has undergone a lot of changes, but it had some upset mood gradually calmed down.Stone, animal husbandry, take a step, silent walk in the village.Everything in the village are still roughly maintained its original appearance, but also to see some faint memories of the year.His footsteps suddenly stops, in front of the village in a corner, there is an old wooden doors and windows have been rotten fall to the ground, the rooms are half collapsed, overgrown around, apparently no one near here.Stone face, animal husbandry complex look, then here is the place where he lived, the blink of an eye so many years.He seems to have no intention to repair the house, but here stood quietly for a moment, stature flash, disappeared without a trace.Xu fishing village outside a nameless hill, the sky rises a half months, faint Yuet Wah shed.On a hill a slightly raised mound, has been around a long half-man deep weeds, the grave stone somewhat vague, vaguely recognizable – stone, Wang and other words.Standing on the grave stone, animal husbandry, cheeky recall color.Mothers face, in his mind has been somewhat vague, but the memories of the year, but also save a little bit in his mind.The mound of stone, animal husbandry and weeds pulled out a root, a good turn mound trimming doubled, put in the grave candles, wine, sacrifice.Mother, baby come back to see you. His knees kneel, mother of nine buckle ring head, muttered open road.Mother, baby had promised you, to become the worlds most powerful Warrior, although now I have not become the first fighter blue starfish, but also considered a modicum of success, finally did not live up to your expectations ……Over the years, also encountered a baby outside favorite girl, but she could not come together to worship with you but then I would take her to see you ……Came to the mothers graves, after bowed down, he will experience of these years, probably say it again.Then an opening, he even some Shoubu Zhu mouth.In these stone animal husbandry to do almost anything is alone, depressed mind few people know that he has never and others tell them, now suddenly have a strong talk ** ramble talking.Until last month transit, he stopped down.Realize that I had a man say to himself for so long, then stone, animal husbandry, some laughing.But some talk down, these days have been strained nerves relax for a while, as if to move away the pressure in the heart of a boulder, indescribably comfortable.He looked half-empty Yuet Wah, so the mother Fenpang sat down cross-legged, around the cloth under a ban matrix method, assumed a posture swallow dated style, began to practice together.A Road Yuet Wah light fell down into the stone, animal husbandry and in vivo.A little time in the past, stone, animal husbandry and silver moon behind the gradual emergence of a ghost.The night will soon be over, again in the east sky white.Stone, animal husbandry, slowly open your eyes.Night practice, not much progress on his magic, but now some confusion unclear unprecedented peace and quiet of his mind, practicing on exhaustively breakthrough moment.Red light flashed on him, less than a breath behind it condensed into a red fire ape wears.Hey! Stone husbandry surprised, infuriating run a lot faster than before.His eyes look to the left, call is heard, his left hand suddenly black, red surface pattern clouds, thrown a mass of white flame.Stone, animal husbandry brow of a challenge, nine turn left Xuangong force of the drive, surprisingly never been easier, no sense of the past that difficult.At this point, the hot white flame suddenly flowing from his left arm and into his body.Stone, animal husbandry shocked, but then soon discovered that the power of the flame of the left arm, causing no harm to the body, but he was unusually mild flow in the meridians, and he had the fire by red ape integrate perfectly infuriating.Stone, animal husbandry behind red fire ape who wears light flash, red light appearing in a burst of white light.After a few breathing becomes impressively wears red and white, but exudes atmosphere fluctuation, a lot stronger than before.Roar! Wears his hands crying, mouth uttered a roar.Air thrown a burst water like ripples in all directions toward the diffusion away, setting off a violent fluctuations in flow, but hit the stone, animal husbandry and four weeks arrangements ban was blocked off.Ah! Cai children flew back just now, he was in the air flow volume volatility, mouth burst into shrill screams.Stone, animal husbandry brow of a challenge, issued by waving a red light, the color children pulled out.I scared to death, and what just happened? Hey! Your martial wears how to become such? Cai child mouth noises, saw the fire ape wears changes, taken aback. (To be continued.)Cheap nfl JerseysWholesale NFL JerseysCheap Jerseys chinaCheap nfl jerseysCheap nba jerseyscheap oakleys sunglasses Cheap jordans

Genkai door loaded to force in the world 433rd chapter wedding disputes

Two days later.Wang opened the door to a big early welcome to Wang Tianhao current status, its position in the large Qi is very noble, let alone Fengcheng.VIPs from the court, the major family, Fengcheng noble family, this time even more eager to curry favor with a time guests at his door, flocked Christine Daoxi words one after another.In this case, just a large bright day, Wang had already received do not know how many Hawker, even Wang Tianhao this innate mid Musha are toes, feet could not keep his hands, neither drink a cup of tea, there is no time to stop and rest .The more people at home are all dizzy, but was full of joy proud brow look, since Wang Tianhao protect the country became a Warrior, even they have gone up these servant status.This is a down early in the morning, Wang Tianhao feel more tiring than a big battle on the battlefield, this time besides the wedding is just the beginning.Auspicious one, Wang Tianhao under the watchful eyes, turning maroon step onto a high horse, surrounded by the crowd in along the ten-mile long paved red makeup, walked to the gold.At this time Wang Tianhao had faded a year childish young, white crowns of their heads, wearing a dark red brocade robe, pedal a pair of black suede boots with one of the high-spirited look.Three blessing of life, foreign land refresher, the wedding night, pass the examination, he had a short time accounted Second, how do not like.At this point, he just wanted to quickly see the rock Yuhuan, speaking, since the two were military hospital, has seen a period of time.Streets at this time has been to watch people surrounded by a packed, almost the entire Fengcheng turned out, only to see the eyes of todays domestic protect the countrys youngest Warrior true capacity.Seeing Wang Tianhao wedding team came over the crowd commotion, standing behind the man put the probe looked forward, eager to see the Fengcheng Wang Tianhao legend style, after all, for these people, the Protector Warrior, it was like a fairy-like human existence, but usually can not see.At this time not in the spring, but both sides of the road turned out to be bathed in colored flowers, bursts of flowers hit, people can not help but revel in which both sides of the tree also hung countless red lanterns, swinging gently in the breeze, as if to this day of celebration cheers.Escorting team all the way to banging away, one after another Mojian from the crowd through the narrow lane, and soon came to the front of the official residence of the gold, the door already stood several of the gold elders, now awaiting the arrival of the wedding team respectfully.New Uncle coming! A young man look like retainers quickly cried.Moment around a deafening sounds of firecrackers, drums and gongs, a group of children suddenly joy to watch them, the scene is quite festive.Wang Tianhao door to the house, and immediately dismounted, he straightened dressed, Yi Yi made to you the elders, mouth respectfully saying auspicious words, for a time the gold are a few elders nod and smile with satisfaction, although Wang Tianhao is a junior, but Fengcheng be somebody today, so polite, so they quite good enough.How, Kim family ancestors actually did not come out to greet, I do not want my young master to ask him not? Xu Shu looked around the side of the eye, frowned, suddenly opening.Hey, you old man how to speak, my ancestors are you bossing of it, how can you speak of were here? Kim Jiuye nature overcast owl and grumpy, heard that, immediately cried .Who are you decrepit do not know, I do not want to know you, it was only the gold gold royal ancestors dialogue with me, if he does not come out welcoming, we would not have this affinity greeted. Xu t look to see none the other one, the mouth said so.What do you mean, you do not go too far in this old man, this is my home turf gold, when you turn to this old stuff in this swagger! Golden Jiuye simply explode.Xu Shu, what are you, Wang Tianhao some frustration, one is Yuhuans family, he did not want to offend, so Yuhuan embarrassment, the other is as close as father and son with his mentor Xu Shu, he did not want to split him in front of so many people face he knew that Xu Shu bent toward him.Side of the main gold and everyone eyebrows flashed a trace of anger, but no hard endured the attack, after all, Wang now flourishing in Fengcheng not afford to offend them, besides the stone Yuhuan married this is to add luster to the gold things, they do not want to screw up.At this time, a slightly hoarse loud voice came from the yard, Yuehua Jian, the home has ancestors came to the door.Wang Gongzi come decrepit beneath much welcome, I do not know Wang have such rules. According to custom, decrepit just been waiting in the lobby, it is more than I have offended. Kim said ancestors.Wang Tianhao little embarrassed, not yet open, the side of a cousin spoke again.Well, what is the custom, I do not see what the Royal identity, the home of the elders, but so big, there is no etiquette.You you this feather boy too uppity, your education is so royal tutor younger ignoring the elders? Kim family elders have a few angry.Gold ancestors face purple, dark endure anger, silent.There is no royal tutor, how you can climb up on the gold Protector Warrior? I am alone, Fengcheng Wang is the first family, you have to come out to greet Kim ancestors! You do not forget to catch on to marry my young master girl more than that, a good family background than your gold home a lot of people. Xu Shu cold voice said.Xu Shu, the less you two sentences. Wang Tianhao gently pulled aside Xu Shu, some impatient Road.Son, you can not soft-hearted, not to Jinjia Li Wei today, they really do not put us in the eye of the Royal! Xu Shu Road.Yes, yes, Xu Shu is right, even the gold Fengcheng first family dare not on the eyes, came to our royal face lie? The young royal wedding team also followed several energetic booing Road, his face full of arrogance.What shit first family, who do not know letters, as well as face everywhere say! Kim home crowd there are young people to be outdone, he replied.Gold and gold family ancestors heard that the Lord every family, heart Anjiao bad, but the remark made taboo.Sure enough, Wang has always been arrogant and despotic used to, since Wang Tianhao got the upper hand, it is arrogance rose, which heard the words, suddenly fried hair up.Even Wang Tianhao was also unhappy frowned, Wang Everyone rushes, and some even proposed to spot a competition to see who is the first family of Fengcheng.For a time, the atmosphere is tense.Outside brawl soon pass into the house, while a few happy woman exaggeration, lets wait for the next of kin stone Yuhuan is not too happy.But today her big day, if I saw the carnage, but very unlucky, but she was a married woman, how can I be discouraged just go spotlight.She sat on the bed, frowning, clutching the hands of the par hi, my heart could not help but complain about Wang Tianhao come.Aunt Jane listened to one side of the outside news anxious, but she was ordinary Women Current, although the gold in recent years because of fear of stone, animal husbandry, various aspects of her daughter was quite respectful, but also very inappropriate at this time to come forward.Shi Yuhuan is her only daughter, her daughters happiness is the greatest of care, look at this situation, can not help but worry about Aunt Jane after her daughter married in the past, will not be much bullying.While cranky, she actually shed a tear up.Shi Yuhuan see a mother cry, but also more and more anxious, from the heart, she is believed Wang Tianhao feelings for her, but also want to see the family shame, but do not want to see his mother for this extremely sad, but also a time to own heart tangled, I do not know what to say, only pat mother back, her peace of mind.On both sides in front of the confrontation, tense occasion, a figure slowly out of the corner of a sudden, their shoulders still standing a hair color parrot.Just around the corner stone, animal husbandry has long been observed, although his gold family ancestors may have unpleasant, but in order to Aunt Jane and stone Yuhuan, he can not stand idly by.How, but also to contest the big day, no small interest of you ah Kim family group of old and sick, it looks really not your royal opponent. Stone husbandry interest income gas convergence, walking laughs.Not loud, but very clear incoming presence of all ears.For a time, the King of the two people, have the first turn, look to Mother.You are who, I dare tube of the gold thing? A teenager Kim family angrily.Who am I? I am afraid that gold ancestors most clearly, right? Stone husbandry smiled, looked at the gold eyed ancestors said.Stone animal husbandry! Kim and Wang Tianhao ancestors cried out simultaneously, together with some of the remaining gold Lord every family, including the gold elders face is surprised.Xu Shu looked at the stone in front of the animal husbandry, hearts surprised, what seems to think, thoughts tumbling down, chose silence.Oh, it seems the next two remember, the next would be honored. Yuehua Jian Shi, animal husbandry, has come to the Golden family ancestors and Wang Tianhao side.Stone, animal husbandry, when you come back? Wang Tianhao some joy at him, although he had twice defeated in the hands of stone, animal husbandry, but they are a thing of the past, now they have a dignified congenital mid Musha, animal husbandry, seems to see the stone but also to the innate way, Wang Tianhao can not help but try it again.Stone, animal husbandry, did not pay him any heed, but turned just requires a test of the group of royal children, broke and said:Gentlemen, can be a test, it is better than down at the bar, you can be more than a few people, save trouble, but Im not on behalf of the gold, Aunt Jane is my stepmother, Shi Shi Jiazi Yuhuan is my brother, as his brother, anyway for her to make a face. Stone, animal husbandry, your father would have married into my home gold, where there are parts of the stone house! There Jin Jiazi brother know stone, animal husbandry, cried.Is that right? Gold ancestors? Stone Road, animal husbandry and contempt.Golden Gas ancestors had liver-colored face, but for the stone, animal husbandry, he can not say anything, a few years ago that allowed the bloody memories, then shame he could get his life is not a joke, only by without visual, silent.That being so, there is also a test of the next condition, today is the day my sisters wedding day, no matter what methods do not see blood, presumably Wang Xiong this should not mind? Suddenly turned to stone, animal husbandry, Wang Tianhao Road.Wang Tianhao nodded slightly, he was sandwiched between two people where this extremely embarrassing, stone, animal husbandry, say, do have meaning siege, how can he also opposed meaning, anxious to end as soon as possible, back to the stone Yuhuan, and quickly It is back weddings married.Seeing stone, animal husbandry, let the children color fly high, himself slowly walked toward the royal wedding of Morohito. To be continued. ..Cheap nfl JerseysWholesale NFL JerseysCheap Jerseys chinaCheap nfl jerseysCheap nba jerseyscheap oakleys sunglasses Cheap jordans

Genkai door loaded to force marriage in the world 432nd chapter

Those trips Sheban Rune white screens have toward the surface where the shadow boxing gold coming, it seems a strong resolve devouring energy inherent in golden shadow boxing, came a burst of dth sound.Golden shadow boxing to speed quickly dim visible until XiaoKuiLing!Those Fu-wen, a loose and open, and the entire light curtain went so far as completely unaffected like calm down, and then fade trail again.The sky becomes audible again, before everything, it does not seem to happen in general.This and other remote star field, as much as this array, but added a bit mean. Jinpao man eyes flash.When he finished, Jinpao men golden eyes big release, while its one Jinpao Gudang up suddenly, behind a golden sky, high over hundreds of feet into a coiled sky Jinjiao ghost.Jinjiao a ghost condensate real side, Yaotoubaiwei a flutter out, suddenly rushed into the air.Rumble bang!The void at the moment seems to violently shaking a bit, almost crack!Jinjiao hit in the air that had hidden layer white screens, like the sun suddenly broke out like a golden halo, a circle of gold and white blast swept open in all directions, close to half of the sky shone light and spacious.Rune waging white screens surface have gathered in Jinjiao Jiao first position, but this time not yet had time to share these violent forces piecemeal eliminate off entire screens suddenly mad chatter up.As soon as Dragons break the sky, enveloped the entire top of the screens klippe crashing collapsing, into a little bit of Crystal Mountain, disappeared in the night sky.This star field is too barren for so long to make this specific incarnation neither wound had healed, but the late-saver strength on this planet inverted level barely enough. Jinpao man wears recover Jinjiao mouth himself.Then his eyes closed, eyes rolling under the eyelids several times, immediately and open eyes open, mouth hint of sneer rise.The next moment, a blur of its stature, appeared in the sky, then a bright golden body, the whole person into a golden light, somewhere toward the piercing gone.Abnormal from klippe Chuan Songzhen to Jinpao man Destroys leave, long story, but in fact nothing more than information effort.Man just left less than half a stick of incense, Taihua mountain peak direction, there are a few light has to Po Kong.After landing, the light Lianqu, but few gossip dressed in blue robes, middle-aged Taoist, including two direct flash stature stone toward building not far away.The remaining few people, led by people carrying swords loose pattern, looks Qing Qi, soon as he landed, suddenly look to the air, looking for a move, he said:Reflow big fuss was broken, at least, is the day-bit strength come!Purple brother, stationed klippe eight elite disciples except one left outside, all meteorite body Dissipation Shiguwucun at Shi Zhi he …… At this time, two middle-aged priests from flying stone buildings out of which shall be a white-faced black long face priests hesitantly Road.What! How he will be here! Looks middle-aged Taoist Qing Qi moved Road.But then he saw the white-faced black beard behind Taoist, Taoist another round of the hands of a skull fracture corpse, suddenly strode forward, took a corpse.Sheng children, my good disciple, where culprits could be so ruthless! Teacher must avenge you, these culprits fell bone dust! Purple holding Taoist disciple corpse, teeth Road.Purple Brother please grief! Today enemy invasion, Master retreat not out, the decision how to dispose of the brothers had to, and must not disturb the road by hatred heart die. Kurosu flour priests said.Yes ah, Purple brothers. This should be the culprits have not yet gone, but from the current situation, at least, who have day-bit strength. Today Huanglong, two uncles Jing days do not teach, the head of uncles and retreat not out, Ill wait if hastily chase, Im afraid …… round-faced priest said.The two Young is justified. This person can kill such a short time Destroys strength of the strong, really rare. Aoki Young, you and the dog to pick up six ears azelaic this. Purple Taoist calm down, the hands of corpses cross behind for another flyover, then turned to flour Kurosu Taoist said.Well, Ill go. Aoki Taoist nodded.Whitehead Young, you immediately report it matter whereabouts Master, Yuan and Ming junior sister apprentice pass my personal instructions, go to the house to pick some disciples Bot to converge with us. Purple Taoist priests and again beside a round face purple beauty nuns told Road.Trio kicked, piercing immediately flying away in different directions.I go with the rest becoming immortal temple to see whether there are abnormal transfer a big fuss. Purple Taoist said, and walked toward the stone building not far from the direction……Number One evening in the future.Dongzhou peninsula, big Qi, Fengcheng.Sunset lightly sprinkling bluestone paved streets, lined with red brick and green tiles on the street from time to time flashing a dazzling light.Stone, animal husbandry, walking in the streets, enjoying four weeks or familiar or unfamiliar scene, leisurely on the surface, does not mind when sigh.Choi is the first time children came Fengcheng, he was attracted by the local customs and habits, chattering non-stop all the way, asking questions.Fengcheng today seem different from the past, crowded streets, but to a lot of strangers.Although the darkening sky, but the streets are still traveling sparkling, people such as weaving, is not far from clear and faintly heard several impassioned cries, sometimes also mixed with several masi blew some of the restaurants restaurants inside, it is filled full of people, from time to time to see the shuttle during busy waiter.Stone, animal husbandry, although a little strange, but did not care to continue walked.According to his memory, from here to the wind flow martial arts, as well as through the three streets, but have to go through the middle of the gold sites.A stick of incense, gold stone, animal husbandry, home sites from the front walk, but suddenly found the gold door bustling, crowded.The spacious house porch hung a row of red lanterns, past the closed door wide open four large open, from time to time some people who look like servants and out, one of jubilation.Tomorrow is to send the makeup, do not you see that several carriages are no arrangements in place?Uncle Li, you will be assured of ten cages all loaded on the train, tomorrow the sun send a past, things can not be wrong.You kid normally do commit muddy, but this time the event was delayed ancestors can not let you.Little know, you worry …………Stone, you said that this is the House? Yes, what is sent to the makeup? Cai child tilted his head and looked far the gold two servants asked curiously.May be married to someone Fuchu it. Stone nodded animal husbandry.Stone, animal husbandry, had intended to go to visit her sister and aunt Jane about stone Yuhuan, the whole exercise seems to be the gold wedding, looks quite busy, he did not want to go at this time.The slightest pause, he turned the corner, went straight to the direction of wind flow martial arts away…….Aomi Although Li has over fifties, Shuangbin grizzled, but a few years ago after the retreat, repair broke through the latter part of the day after tomorrows sake, the entire position in Fengcheng rose, but also led to the wind flow martial arts fame.Today, he is the people seem all the more hale and hearty, exuberant energy also seem more than a decade ago.But he knows that all this is in front of the stone, animal husbandry, called the gift of youth, if it is given its several year Guyuan Dan, he is afraid of lifelong cultivation will no longer have any inch into.However, this year was considered to be barren boulder, practicing exercises can not successfully acquired infuriating unite youth, after every encounter, have brought him tremendous shock.Stone, animal husbandry, seen just a few years, your cultivation rose again, and now the fear is already beginning …… not innate, congenital mid right? Li Aomi watching the stone, animal husbandry, complex eyes, slightly hesitant He asked.Fengcheng him the famous martial arts coach, also has far seen only a few times have the strength to protect the country early innate Warrior only, therefore stone animal husbandry though not deliberate convergence of breath, but he naturally can not see through.Master Li flattering, next only good fortune to meet some chance nothing. Say, then you have to teach me courtesy of martial art, so Im really into Musha a way. Stone, animal husbandry, noncommittal laugh.Innate strength, protect the countrys military, good, good …… hey, if so then who find veins messenger aware of this, maybe it is not to give the intestines regret green. Aomi Li muttered something, like in quell the hearts of shock, but then he laughed and said.Discourse only some sarcastic, self-deprecating and some means, but which also hides a hint of happiness and pride.In fact, I would also like to thank him, if he is the next perhaps not be able to have the situation after this series. Stone husbandry heard this, said thoughtfully.Teacher and student were said some gossip, I do not know how to talk to the gold.You do not know it, and your half-sister stone Yuhuan married the day after tomorrow. Aomi Li said.So is Yuhuan sisters wedding! Prior to passing the House, we see it decorated, thought this was someone else, I did not think it was Yuhuan. Stone animal husbandry suddenly realized.Your sister married a good people, ah, your future brother in law, it is Wangs son, now a large homogeneous youngest fighter to protect the country. In fact, if you are willing to serve their country, will not be treated worse than him. Li and Aomi Road.Royal? You say, does Wang Tianhao? Did not pick up the stone, animal husbandry, Li Aomi, then changing your mind asked.That may not be, but that Fengcheng now the biggest wedding of these days the streets coming and going, is to come to the marriage …… Li Aomi said.Listen carefully Aomi Li said, stone animal husbandry was generally understood the history of the matter.Since the original Wang Tianhao went Kaiyuan Wu Yuan, Wang Jiazu was inspired mass violence flame blood, after a rare five items middle confirmed that he not only became a royal genius disciple, has become the object of Fengcheng relish.Speaking about this stone Yuhuan Wang Tianhao and two, in fact, as early as the gold went to Wang Tianhao blind date the day it forged a bond.Wang Tianhao spirited if not the same day, the gold shot outlasted many disciples, he would not be able to take their moves encounter stone Yuhuan, and if not so, he would not be in the military hospital in Kaiyuan this woman impressed final number under exposure, love deep-rooted species.In Wang Tianhao talent in Kaiyuan military hospital is not to be underestimated, the law has now single-handedly burn firearm to a superb point.And since leaving the military hospital, was to attract large Qichao Ting Wang Tianhao, became the youngest big Qi, also the most promising weapons to protect the country, he added, such a large increase Qi force.It was closed that day, it is the national spirit.Since then, Wang forces in Fengcheng time without the two, and even in the whole Quanzhou aspect can be considered a party to the threshold of his home has long been a family Qiuqin who wear out.Today, stone and Yuhuan Wang Tianhao two fall in love, achievement awful good thing, I do not know how many envy Fengcheng Shi Yuhuan Jinyu Zhen cousin also had some Xunsimihuo this purpose, which makes the city is well known, but also left many laughing stock.Stone, animal husbandry, had intended to visit Aunt Jane after you leave here, but now it seems, one of his younger sister, he can be considered an old acquaintance, he had to fight for this wedding cup of drink.After the farewell Li Aomi, late, stone, animal husbandry and immediately find a hotel, with the first color children to live down. 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